The International Institute of Organisational Psychological Medicine
What we do

1. The Institute applies the discipline of Psychological Medicine to the human elements in the work place.

2. It combines the specialties of Psychological Medicine, Administration and Management.

3. The scope includes:

a) The scientific application of the principles of Psychological Medicine, Neurosciences and Management in optimising and

b) Synchronising the work place (Organisation) requirements with the psychological, biological and holistic needs of the human beings operating in the work place.

4. The discipline of Organisational Psychological Medicine offers neuro scientific evidence based underpinnings and avenues for:

a) Enhancing Human Potential of an organisation with the principles of positive psychiatry - Resilience Psychological medicine.

b) Preventing psychopathological sequel in the human capital of organisations resulting from the work place - Preventive Psychological Medicine.

c) Recognising and managing the psychopathological sequelae resulting from the workplace and beyond in the human capital of organisations.

Enhancing Human Capitalís Potential of an organisation
Preventing Workplace Related Psychological Pathologies in Human Capital
Identifying and Managing Workplace Related Psychological Pathologies in Human Capital

1. Enhancing Human Capital’s Potential of an organisation

Developing and organising programs with neurosciences, positive psychiatry, dynamic psychological principles, management underpinnings, quantum physics and spiritual philosophy principles used in coordination for the dynamic outcomes:

1. Maximising employee potential and output impacting on organisational creativity and entrepreneurship.

2. Evidence based scientific programs to enhance the use of available discretionary effort and behaviour.

3. Offering programs for Total Human Capital Management and enhancing organisational citizenship behaviour.

4. Use of neuro scientific based programs to enhance human capital’s sharpness in intellect, endurance and presence of mind resulting in individual’s skills of perception, observation and expression being optimised.


2. Preventing psychological pathologies in the human capital of an organisation

Programs that identify and offer prevention of the psychopathological sequelae that ensures from the work place practice in an organisation such as demoralisation, embitterment, occupation fatigue and burnout:

1. Preventing the psychopathological sequelae ensures the protection of the negative impact on the personal, physical, psychological and social outcome of human capital.

2. This ensures the bottom line of the organisation and the individual are protected and

3. Advisory and Advocacy to Organisations leadership on programs and education that will prevent psychopathological outcomes to the human capital in organisations.

4. Creating and organising programs that fulfils the Corporate Social Responsibility of an organisation.


3. Managing the psychopathological sequelae

1. Evidence based management Programs that identify, manage and resolve the psychopathology.

2. Psychopathology education programs for management that result in early identification and minimisation of negative outcomes.

3. Knowledge on the principles of rehabilitation programs – return to work place education and training programs.

4. Relapse prevention and resilience programs for human capital of organisations.

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